My first single digit commute this morning

November 1, 2006

Only seven degrees when I arrived at the Tesco Metro on Regent Street to pick up some food for work so I’m glad my winter cycling gear arrived from Evans yesterday. I bought a pair of Nike Windfront tights, a Nike Dryfit Long Sleeve Thermal base layer and a pair of Altura Thermastretch gloves.

The gloves are great, not too bulky and are windproof. The full fingers felt a little strange at first as I’m used to fingerless but they fit really well and don’t restrict your movement.

The base layer is very cozy but not quite long enough. The fabric is quite stretchy but tucking it in only lasts until I lean over on my bike and start rinding.

Evans’ site says the tights have both wind and water resistant front panels but the Nike tag only mentions wind. They are very comfortable but I found them to be a bit too short in the legs or a bit too long in the crotch. To wear them tight around your ankles means the crotch is too low and catches on your saddle. To wear them properly around your crotch means the legs are a bit short and you need a decent pair of socks to keep your ankles warm.

Regardless of the slight fit problems they did make my morning ride very warm and comfortable.

PS, anyone know why the huge Nike store in Oxford Street doesn’t stock any Nike cycling gear other than a few team jerseys?


2 Responses to “My first single digit commute this morning”

  1. Hey, you are around the corner from us and buy Evans mail order???

  2. Adrian Fitch Says:

    I know, there should be a law or something. I’ll be in some time over the next week or two to browse for some new gear. Promise.

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