Erin Baker’s wonderfully prejudiced rant in the Telegraph

November 3, 2006

A wonderfully prejudiced rant from Harley loving Erin Baker in yesterday’s Telegraph under the title Why the cyclist is never wrong. Ms Baker seems to have forgotten that we’re all traffic, all road users and all have to get along otherwise some of us die.

I’m sure all cyclists will join with me in apologising unreservedly to Ms Baker for being “for the most part dangerous, irresponsible road-users who nonetheless take the moral high ground at all times because they’re not polluting the atmosphere”.

Perhaps Ms Baker should remember that being bigger and faster doesn’t give her the right to be at the front at the lights, however having a “bike box” does.


One Response to “Erin Baker’s wonderfully prejudiced rant in the Telegraph”

  1. Chris L Says:

    … And perhaps we should all remember that the main objective of rants like this in the tabloid press is to draw attention to themselves for the sake of newspaper sales and advertising exposure. They aren’t to be taken seriously or treated with any respect. It’s best ignored.

    In any case, shouldn’t we have moved beyond having to “justify” our presence on the road to bigoted morons like this?

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