London cyclists tend to be high earning young men from Hackney

November 10, 2006

There is a piece of market research on the TfL site called The Near Market for Cycing In London. It looks like it was published in Jan 2004 and was prepared by Accent Marketing & Research.

While I was fascinated to discover cycling was likely to grow by 1% in the next year (the size of the “Near Market”) , I was much more interested in the broader findings (based on a total sample of over 2,000):

  • 17% of Londoners cycle
  • 28% of those who did not currently cycle have access to a bicycle that they could use
  • Men are more likely than women to be cyclists
  • Cyclists are more likely to be employed than non-cyclists
  • Cyclists tend to have higher annual household incomes than those who are not cyclists
  • Those in Hackney are more likely to cycle than residents in the rest of London
  • A greater proportion of residents in Inner London Boroughs cycle than those in Outer London Boroughs

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