Achieving three goals starts the year nicely

February 1, 2007

I cycled the first 637 kilometres of the 8,000 I intend to ride this year.

Half empty perspective:

  • It was 30km less than my January target and at this rate I’ll be 356km short by the end of December

Half full:

  • I rode to work every day
  • It is 371km more than I did in December
  • My average speed is nearly 1km/h faster than in December

So far, moving to Streatham has helped as I was finding the 10km commute from Brixton just not long enough.

The days are beginning to get longer so I’m going to start heading out on Saturday mornings and exploring South London, depending on the weather and of course, how much of my Friday night was actually spent in Saturday morning.

I’ll start with Hampton Court this weekend. It is around 25km from home if you go via Wimbledon Common and Richmond Park and it looks like a pleasant route.

Also, I’m trying out a Garmin Geko 201 GPS with my TrackLogs mapping software so there’s added incentive to go out for a ride and test it out.


2 Responses to “Achieving three goals starts the year nicely”

  1. kimbofo Says:

    Congrats! Now I feel like a slug — hardly rode all month due to laziness or dangerous winds! My grand total is 160km.

  2. Phil Sabin Says:

    Nice Job. I wouldn’t worry too much about falling behind a bit in January. There is always the nice months ahead to catch up…


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