Commuting in the snow

February 8, 2007

With most of the UK shut down after only a few inches of snow this morning I decided to see what my ride would be like.

Keeping warm wasn’t a problem as it wasn’t any colder than earlier in the week but the view out onto the street was a little daunting.

Kempshott Road in the snow

Snow was still falling and cars were gingerly making their way down the street.

Potter's Lane in the snow

Once I got going it was fine. It didn’t take too long to get used to the difference in surface traction and the only real annoyance was the freezing flakes in my eyes. I can’t see me commuting in ski goggles so I’ll have to get some clear glasses if we’re going to have much more snow.

Snow bikes


2 Responses to “Commuting in the snow”

  1. kimbofo Says:

    That last picture is awesome!

  2. Awesome! While the trains and roads fall to pieces (as usual) in the UK – Good on you to buck the trend with your pedal power!

    Snow riding has a quite magical atmosphere to it, don’t you find… especially if it is still snowing!

    Great pictures!

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