Thames Barrier in the rain

February 10, 2007

Today was a typically wet and grey winter’s day in London so a 50km ride up to the Thames Barrier perhaps wasn’t an obvious choice. The route I chose was mostly on LCN cycle routes so it wasn’t too difficult but did include a few hills and took in a few attractions on the way.

Dulwich Village and Peckham Rye Park were great to ride through but the rain was pouring down and neither looked too pleasant. Only a few dedicated joggers were out and it didn’t look like they were having fun. The weather did suit the gothic Nunhead Cemetery however. It opened in 1840 and is the second largest Victorian cemetery in London.

Nunhead Cemetery

Blackheath was equally bleak but the weather was not deterring the kids playing football from having a good time. After 23km I made it to the Thames Barrier. It was low tide so lots of exposed mud on each bank and no river traffic at all.

Thames Barrier

The Thames Path around to the Millennium Dome was a very easy ride with wide cycle and pedestrian paths. Shortly after the Dome the cycle route heads away from the shoreline as the Thames Path gets quite rough and narrow. A few joggers were out but nobody else.

Millennium Dome and Canary Wharf

Once I got to Greenwich I’d had enough. The rain had stopped but my gloves and tights were soaked through and my hands were frozen. I went past where the Cutty Sark would normally be, set the Geko for home and kept to A and B roads that looked like they were heading in the right direction. After six years I still don’t really know London but I just kept the GPS’s arrow facing forward and I was home in no time and straight into a warm shower.


3 Responses to “Thames Barrier in the rain”

  1. kimbofo Says:

    Sounds like a great ride. I visited the flood barrier last weekend — by public transport, not bike.

    I like the look of Nunhead Cemetery. As weird as this sounds, my Other Half is into London cemeteries, but he’s not visited this one…

  2. Cool Ride (yeah, and cold too, wasn’t it?)

    I am Gabriel, from the Bike Tourist Podcast. You have a nice website, with great variety. Cool!

    Thanks for linking to my page, I have put a link on my page to steer people your way!

    Keep on riding!


  3. cycle newbie Says:

    Hi. Thanks for linking to my site.
    My training takes place around Greenwich area but we’ve yet to go out as far as the Dome (02) or the Thames Barrier even though its quite near. The Thames Cycle Route is definitely on my list once I become more confident and with stamina!

    I’ve ridden around Dulwich Park and I know the Cemetry at Nunhead but never thought of going in. It looks very interesting. Great photos and blog.

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