Cycling trips in London targeted to increase 400 per cent by 2025

February 28, 2007

London Mayor Ken Livingstone has declared he wants to transform London into the world’s greenest capital city. He says he wants to cut London’s carbon emissions by 60% by 2025 – twice the rate of government targets.

For an average Londoner, switching from driving to work to taking the bus will save 0.6 tonnes of carbon per year; taking up cycling instead would increase these savings to 1.1 tonnes.

Changing the way we travel through encouraging a greater use of public transport, walking and cycling is seen as the key to reducing CO2 emissions from the transport sector.

The full cycling section of his 232 page Climate Change Action Plan is as follows:

[…] In addition to these significant public transport improvements, further enhancement of cycling infrastructure in London, together with creating a greater level of awareness of the benefits associated with this mode, will continue to be a focus for the Mayor.

London has targeted an increase in cycling trips of 400 per cent by 2025. To help make this a reality, TfL is committed to a range of measures designed to increase cycling levels, including:

  • completing the 900km LCN+ cycle network by 2010
  • installing secure cycle parking at schools and London Rail, Underground and DLR stations
  • school travel plans for all schools, including making cycle training available to every primary school, including training for parents and carers.

Generating greater interest in cycling and its many benefits is also critical. Hosting Le Grand Départ of this year’s Tour de France will bring cycling to the attention of many more Londoners. A Mass Participation Bike Ride in September 2007 will feed off the excitement generated by this world-famous event and momentum will be maintained by several other Tour de France legacy events. Existing cycling programmes will be repackaged and re-launched over this period to take full advantage of heightened levels of interest.


4 Responses to “Cycling trips in London targeted to increase 400 per cent by 2025”

  1. […] hope that Ken achieves in making London the bike capital of the world, and I hope he does it before I get run over by a bendy […]

  2. what an awesome idea. If all major cities did this in the US and abroad, we could save our planet.

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