I’m riding the Tour de France

March 1, 2007

Well, not all of it, just Stage 1 from London to Canterbury. I should probably also point out that it’s not actually the TdF, just the British Cyclosportive the week before.

It’s the 192 kilometre (120 mile) route from Greenwich Park to Canterbury through the Kent countryside and you need to maintain an average above 20 km/h (12.5 mph) to avoid being picked up by the support vehicles.

Unfortunately it is the weekend after the Glastonbury Festival – not ideal for training – but the weekend before the festival is the London to Brighton Bike Ride so I’ll get a bit of riding in.

Also, the weekend before the London to Brighton is the Isle of Wight Festival so it looks like I’m going to be alternating music festivals with bike rides for a while.

Fortunately I’m planning a cycle tour from London to Amsterdam and back during the May school holidays (the week before the Isle of Wight Festival) so I’ll be able to get some sustained kilometres in then.

It looks like my Saturday rides will need to be more training and less trundling from now on…


7 Responses to “I’m riding the Tour de France”

  1. Matt Says:

    Is there a decent route from London to Amsterdam that avoids major roads? I would be very interested if you have one…

  2. Karl McCracken Says:

    Matt –
    I grew up in Kent (Chatham & Rochester) – I’ll ask my dad which route he’d take in today’s traffic.

    Adrian – Very cool. I’m working on persuading (sp?) my cycling buddy from Hackney to step up to the challenge . . . not many spaces left though.

  3. Mike Says:

    Hey Matt

    I’m in the ride too, so I’m going to have to get more serious about getting some miles in.

    Good luck keeping up with the alt music/cycling balance!

  4. Mike Says:

    Sorry, I meant Adrian

  5. Dave Smith Says:

    Mr. Fitch: You need to pick up the miles. If an old guy like me is keeping up with you, then there is something wrong; that is, if you plan to ride the TdF, at least the British version.

    Bike Journal Member dasmith44

  6. ludwig Says:

    I’m well impressed Adrian, I’d join you but until I manage to put down the cancer sticks I’m holding off on competitive events.

    Thanks for posting the routes though, I may actually give them a go.

  7. Dave Smith Says:

    You must have that new bike all assembled and adjusted; you are doing much better, which is a good thing.

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