Things are stepping up a gear this week

March 8, 2007

With the clocks about to leap forward and the days already getting longer it’s time to start putting in more miles.

I need to build my stamina if I want to enjoy this year’s big rides.

My average ride length so far in 2007 is only a little over 16 kilometres (10 miles) which is hardly building what’s needed for the London to Brighton on June 17, never mind the the British Cyclosportive on July 1st.

Just making my Saturday rides longer won’t be enough either so whenever I can I’ll commute in via a route that’s a little over double my regular distance.

On regular days I’ll ride my hybrid and bring an extra set of work clothes so I can use my new road bike on the days when I want to do the longer ride.

Work’s recently installed showers will make those longer days a lot more pleasant for the rest of the team plus there’s a quiet corridor behind one of the technical areas where I can leave my bike during the day.

My new bike

If you use My Cycling Log then you’ll be familiar with its colour-coded calendars.

My cycling calendar

More green days, less blue days and a few yellow Saturdays is all I’m aiming for.


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