London to Brighton route map

March 10, 2007

I’ve plotted the 87km route from Clapham Common to Brighton in preparation for the BHF London to Brighton Bike Ride in June and uploaded it here.

On that page you will find the route card and route maps generated by TrackLogs plus the trl file if you need it.

I’m going to try and ride this on a Saturday morning in the next few weeks as it looks like a nice ride to the seaside.

It’s not the official route (as that hasn’t been released yet) but an amalgamation of everything I could glean from various online sources.

A lot of people in the online fora I searched said how frustrating they found the ride with the road often clogged with people walking their bikes up the hills.

Hopefully an early start time will help avoid the worst of the concertina effects of the hills plus I’ll approach it more as a fun ride and just relax and enjoy myself.


18 Responses to “London to Brighton route map”

  1. The London to Brighton is a really special ride, I’ve done it a few times and the atmosphere is quite unique purely by the enormous scale of participants and the thorough organisation.

    You’re spot-on to approach it as a fun-ride! It’s certainly not a race, because some choke-points get so clogged up with crowds of cyclists that there can be little traffic jams of 100% cyclists!

    Overall it’s a great experience! 🙂

  2. Babz Says:

    Hi, I’m doing the ride this year for the first time and am slightly annoyed that I have an info pack yet no route. Are you saying that there is no official route yet? I think that its irresponsible as I would like to know well in advance as to how many hills I have to climb, gradients etc (I know the Ditchling Beacon bit as I live in Brighton and have driven over it in a car).My training requires me to know these things otherwise I may not train correctly then end up injuring myself on the day. I just came back from a 300 mile cycle ride in Vietnam where we cycled approx 50 miles a day but that was all flat, so its not the same. I would also like to know if there are any water stops on the way. We only have 3 months to train, which will soon fly by, so I think we should know the route by now.

  3. Rob Coker Says:

    Thanks for this route map. Planning to cycle to brighton this weekend and this route via plenty of pubs and green is spot on!

  4. Matthew Brett Says:

    They don’t print a route because on the actual day you would never need to refer to one, its so well marshalled you just follow them. All they give you is a picture showing the height of the route so you get an idea of the climbs. From what I remember there are 3 climbs with Ditchling Beacon being the worst. other than that its undulating but nothing bad.

    Unless you have an early start time you will likely get caught behind people less dedicated pushing their bikes up these hills. I got caught on the first one but was lucky enough to make it all the way up Ditchling Beacon without someone stopping in front or crashing into me. That’s what happens when you have 20,000 people or however many it is doing the ride.

  5. Jez Says:

    What a great post. We cycled the route (as best we could work out) yesterday, so it was great to log on this morning and be “reminded” of some of the ascents.

  6. Adrian Fitch Says:

    The actual route of the 2007 BHF London to Brighton Bike Ride is on Bikely here.

  7. I’ve done this ride for some 14 years now. The BHF used to produce detailed route maps, but some years ago they stopped under the premis that, “too much information might encourage non-official riders to attempt the route”. Pah!

    The really annoying thing about this is that if you want to try to complete the ride before or after the actual event as either training, or just for fun, the route finding out of London can be a bit problematic.

    So thanks a lot for putting the route map on the web Adrian, I think a lot of people will be downloading this. One last thing, I’m wondering whether you have PDFs in a larger map scale?

  8. Adrian Fitch Says:

    Sorry Michael but I don’t have the maps in any larger scale. I import them into Bikely for anything more detailed than 1:50,000. Love your portfolio by the way.

  9. […] route was copied from Adrian Fitch’s website: See here for the route, which I converted to TCX using the extremely excellent Bike Route Toaster and […]

  10. Tom Says:

    Was hoping to try this next week Adrian, but can’t seem to get the map to upload. Can you help? cheers mate.

  11. Adrian Fitch Says:

    Hi Tom. E-mailing them to you now. Hope you have a good ride.

  12. Mark Says:

    Hi Adrian,

    Thanks for all the effort taken over building and loading the maps. I did the ride for the 1st time last year and just following the route brings back great memories.

    One point though. I’m not sure about your route through/round Haywards Heath. Talking to a colleague that rode with me last year, we think the route went from Lindfield into town, we remember going over the roundabout on the A272, then followed the B2112 south to Ditchling Common.

    You’re a much more seasoned l2b’er though so we may be wrong. Sunday will tell!

    Can’t wait

  13. Debty Says:

    Ahaan… I will follow.

  14. Christopher Stocks Says:

    Hi Adrian
    Hi all
    I am new to the ride this year at the grand age of 41 (but tough as old boots). I have been browsing for a while til i found this site and would like to commend you and the bloggers. This site is the most informative and has the best blogs. I now feel so much more confident about the ride and look forward to posting something worthy !!

    Thanks everyone Stoxy

  15. Francois Krafft Says:

    I followed your roadbook today and cycled from London (Tooting Bec) to Brighton… the road is so nice… thank you for this very useful post 🙂

  16. Alex Morris Says:

    Many thanks for this – extremely useful! I’m doing Brighton to London today and London to Brighton tomorrow! Alex

  17. K. Johnson Says:

    Excellent, I was getting very frustrated not being able to get the route as I was advised at the BHF open day on the 6th June that a map is available on thier website, but I can’t find one! As people who can’t get to Brighton want to know where they can try and catch a glimpst of me…but I’m sure it would be like finding a needle in a haystack.

    Thanks alot

  18. Steve Holt Says:

    At the grand young age of 55 and for the first time Im doing this years(2014)L2B and with 2 knee replacements looking forward to the challenge and any help is appreciated ..currently on 35km in just over 2 hrs and was comfortable regards Steve

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