Commuting on a road bike is so much more fun

March 13, 2007

I miss the increased visibility that the hybrid’s more upright riding position gave me but I love the increased speed and agility from the road bike. It’s now so much easier to keep up with moving traffic and opportunities to overtake are far more common. I feel that I flow with the traffic far more easily and it is almost as if I simply blow in to work now.


6 Responses to “Commuting on a road bike is so much more fun”

  1. zappoman Says:

    Hoo-rah! Love it!

    Interestingly there seems to be an anti-road bikes for commuters movement here in Seattle. The argument goes something like this…

    1) We want more people commuting on bike… it’s good for the environment, good for our overall health care costs, and the more cycle commuters the better the funding and support of all cycle commuters will be. (Check!)

    2) Most people are intimidated by cycling not because of the perceived effort or costs, but because they believe cycling looks too technical and uninviting… particularly when you see people riding around in spandex. (hmmm… I’m skeptical… but ok, I’ll listen.)

    3) If you ride around in your cycling gear on your road bike looking like you just popped out of the television coverage of the TdF, then you’re perpetuating the myth that cycling is only for the elite athletes. (Now, that’s laying it on a bit thick isn’t it?)

    4) Therefore you have an obligation to ride around in your “work clothes” as you commute to work. Now mind you in Seattle, most people are pretty casual, so work clothes probably means jeans or durable cotton pants, a t-shirt (maybe a bottom up shirt) and a sweater or jacket.

    Anyway, I did my part and rode my bike to the post office today wearing my normal hang out around the house clothes.

  2. Karl McCracken Says:

    How do you carry all the stuff that commuting seems to involves? I end up with a panier pack that probably weighs more than my road bike 😉 once the laptop, cables & bumph, clothes, shoes, clean-down & smell nice kit, etc have all been packed in.

    It’s true though about the nippiness of the road bike though – the difference between this and my regular sturdy hybrid is amazing – it’s like the difference between a labrador and a grey hound with a chilli up it’s . . . . well, you know what I mean.

    Stay careful out there.

  3. Adrian Fitch Says:

    At the momement I ride my hybrid on Mondays and Fridays so I can take five days of work clothes plus a wash kit in a pannier.

    Any files I need to work on at home during the week are on a data key, my music and radio are on my phone and my diary, contact numbers and the like are all in my “brain” (a Dell handheld), all of which fits easily into a jersey pocket.

  4. zappoman Says:

    When I was commuting regularly I used the same trick. I basically took a bunch of clothes with me once a week. The other days I was in basic road riding gear. As for the laptop, etc… I tried to leave 1 computer at home and 1 at work, and live the virtual office lifestyle as much as possible… keeping important files “on the server”. But then again you could also just use a handy USB drive on a keyring.

  5. kimbofo Says:

    I catch the tube once a week and take a bunch of clothes with me. It means my office looks like a veritable wardrobe for the rest of the week, but it saves me having to lug stuff in on my bike bag.

  6. Ditto Kimbofo’s situation – either bringing a raft of new clothes in one go, or subtally adding to the work wardrobe by carrying the occasional pair of trousers etc on the bike. But at one point I’m sure I had more clothes at work than I did at home!

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