Challenging North Downs bike ride

March 25, 2007

It was a bit of a hazy and breezy yesterday but I headed out into the Kent countryside to find some hills.

Doing circuits of Richmond Park is fine for working on technique but there are only 116 metres of climbing over the 11 kilometres. That’s not a bad climb rate (10.5m/km) but any more than four circuits gets a bit boring.

I’ve entered the White Horse Challenge at the end of April and it has 1,400 metres of climbing over the 150 kilometre course. The climb rate is less than Richmond Park but having to do nearly 14 circuits to get the distance would bore me to death.

The route I had planned for yesterday started at Longfield and the first ten kilometres to Cobham were good for getting warmed up before the climbing started.

The first real hill began with a motivating 25% sign at its base. Fortunately it was quite a short climb but there would be several longer and equally steep hills to come before getting back to Longfield.

The views out over the North Downs were a wonderful distraction and I passed through some beautiful villages.

Gover Hill North Downs

The 74 kilometre route was an anti-clockwise circuit and there was hardly any traffic. It helped that I never went onto any A roads and the only busy sections were the B260 out of Longfield and getting through Kemsing during lunch time.

North Downs from Longfield map

Total climbing was 1,175m

North Downs from Longfield profile

Longfield is an easy 40 minutes by train from London Victoria.

Click here to download a pdf of the map and here for the TrackLogs trl file.


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