Custom top tube name stickers

March 29, 2007

Is it just my vanity or do you also like these custom top tube name stickers from Victory Circle Graphix in Colorado?


A pack of ten like the one above costs $21.95 plus $3 for US postage or US$7 on international orders.

Thanks to the current issue of Cycling Weekly (p.44) for giving me another unnecessary way to spend money.


4 Responses to “Custom top tube name stickers”

  1. Adam Bowie Says:

    But which flag have you gone for?

  2. Adrian Fitch Says:

    I would have to get two sets, Australia on one side and England on the other, but in reality I can’t justify spending the money. Maybe in my other life when I’m in a team and have a stable of bikes…

  3. To have the rider’s name advertised, you’re right – it’s very vain and egotistical.

    But if it were the name of the bike, like how boats have names and a faint identity, I think that’d be likeably cute!

    “I’m just taking Peggy / Dynasty / Jane out for a spin…”

  4. Karl McCracken Says:

    Urban Commuter – the problem with this is that my Sturdy Comuting Bike is male. My wife’s already starting to ask questions about how much time I spend riding Wilf…!

    Bike #2, Trixie the Fixie has slightly less dodgy connotations. But I think she crossed the line a long time ago from neurotic and twitchy to borderline psychotic, and to be honest she scares me a little.

    I just hope that the new girl, Gina (I think that’s her name, anyway), turns out right.

    Then again, I might just be thinking about this a little more than is healthy.

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