My first naked ride

March 31, 2007

No, not without clothes (too cold for that) but rather without technology and I was 13% faster over my North Downs route.

I was trying to find my fastest pace by paying close attention to how hard I was breathing and how my legs felt instead of how fast I was going and what my cadence was.

I got the idea from this week’s newsletter (no.288) from

When your breathing is steady and regular, say one in-breath for every two pedal rotations, it means you’re below or at your lactate threshold even though the effort feels hard. But if you start to pant, you’ve gone over the edge. Back off slightly to find your lactate threshold again.

Listen to your quads too. When the effort makes them merely uncomfortable, you’re fine. But if they start to burn and throb, back off.

It worked a treat. I felt great throughout the ride and I could concentrate a lot more on the road and improving my technique.

The best part was I had a lot more energy left for the last three hills of the ride between Underriver and West Kingsdown and I arrived back at Longfield station in time to catch the earlier train back to London.


3 Responses to “My first naked ride”

  1. Treadly & Me Says:

    Awwww, false advertising!

    But it sounds like a good idea and it really makes sense when you think about it–and leaving more attention for the road has got to be a good thing.

  2. fox Says:

    Hi – nothing to do with this blog. Just wanted to say that I used your London to Brighton route last friday, and it was excellent. Have done other routes before, but yours is now my favourite! Thanks a lot for it. Splendid fellow.


  3. […] The constant rain, solid cloud cover and lack of street lights meant it was perfect for naked riding. […]

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