Bike Squad coming to ITV

April 11, 2007

Unconfirmed lead Mark AddyMedia Guardian reports that ITV has commissioned Drop the Dead Donkey writer Guy Jenkin to script a show about cycling policemen.

The ITV director of entertainment and comedy, Paul Jackson, has given the green light for Bike Squad, which follows a troupe of biking coppers and is expected to air as a 90-minute pilot early next year. A full series could follow.

The casting has not been confirmed but it is thought that actor Mark Addy, the star of recent ITV1 comedy drama Bonkers, will play the lead in the comedy, which is being made by independent producer Tiger Aspect.

“It is about policemen who are shunted off to this squad because basically they are not very good as policemen,” said Jenkin, whose credits include Drop the Dead Donkey and the satirical BBC1 film Jeffrey Archer: The Truth, and who is an enthusiastic cyclist himself.

Surely bike cops aren’t all failed regular police officers.


Bike Squad won its slot last Friday night with a 20% average audience share. 4.6 million people watched the 90-minute pilot according to unofficial overnights quoted here by the Guardian.


10 Responses to “Bike Squad coming to ITV”

  1. Karl McCracken Says:

    It’ll probably be very funny, but I’m not too sure about this – stereotyping cyclists as ‘failures’.

    A few months back, I read one of the ‘day in the life of’ articles in the back of the Sunday Times about a policeman with the highest arrest / clear-up rate in the country. He’d come from South Africa, where he’d been in a police bomb disposal during the apartheid troubles, and got a job on a rough estate as a local policeman. He turned down the ‘company car’ in favour of a bike, because he could go where ever the criminals went . . . AND outrun them. There was simply no escape from this RoboCop on two wheels.

    How about portraying how dumb it is to break the law doing stoopid things like burglary, mugging, and graffiti when there’s someone like this guy about. THAT would be funny.

  2. It sounds a tad like Flann O’Brien’s The Third Policeman?

  3. kevin dunning Says:

    I found bike squad very entertaining can’t wait for the next episode

  4. P Hiscutt Says:


  5. vicki forrester Says:

    having watched the first episode, thought it was entertaining but let down by the usage of “spassies” in one conversation. my son has cerebral palsy and i don’t find this derogatory language helpful in mainstream television, i’m not a killjoy, just a realist.

  6. What a brilliant program. Funny, witty and generally amusing. Please, please show another episode just so we can see the girl on the horse again. It make a change to have good looking women on TV.

  7. Karen Waters Says:

    Really enjoyed this show – laughed out loud for a lot of it – not often you can say that. I was disappointed when I checked the listings for this week and saw it wasn’t on. I now know it’s a pilot – hope to see it back very soon.

  8. Mya Johnson Says:

    Cant wait for this programme to come back on again. I really enjoyed it and especially enjoyed looking at the tall dumb guy. He was hot… even if he did kiss a horse.

    Does anyone know if Bike Squad can be downloaded from anywhere?

  9. Kary Says:

    I was wondering if any one knows for definate if Bike Squad is giong to be a series. I thought there were lots of leads which could lead to really interesting stories. The relationship between the dodgy daughter (who is very beautiful and a great actress Cloudia Swann) and her father(Mark Addy) who I think is in a league of his own. The new Sarge who looked ridiculous in his shorts but just so so funny. I loved it.

  10. Ben Says:

    that was the best show ever is it gonna come bak hopfully

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