No bikes on Southeastern trains during Tour de France

April 27, 2007

The train operator is offering both one day (£18) and three day tickets (£34) for unlimited travel across its network from July 6-8 but is reported to have banned bikes from all services during the event.

That seems a rather strange decision but it may not be entirely true.

The company’s site says it will only allow folding bikes on services too and from the event which I presume means bikes are still free to travel on the the rest of the network.

Given that the Tour is one of the world’s most popular sporting events, bikes on trains are bound to be just as welcome as during peak commuting times.


4 Responses to “No bikes on Southeastern trains during Tour de France”

  1. Adam Bowie Says:

    I guess you could use a Southern train and go somewhere down the Uckfield line and cycle across…

  2. Karl McCracken Says:

    Oh the irony of it. Another example of the UK’s bizzarre approach to market economics. You can almost imagine the “Yes Prime Minister”-esque meeting to decide this great policy . . .

    “You see, sir, that we expect there to be a high demand for bikes during this time”
    “Well why don’t we charge more for them?”
    “Well, we could . . . but what sort of message would that send? We’d have to admit that we can carry more than two bikes per train. Where would it end?”

  3. telfie Says:

    Yes I think that is how the meeting would go … We have a similar 2 bikes per train policy in New South Wales, Australia too. BUT, in November each year, that goes right out the window as 10,000 cyclists leave Sydney to travel the road to wollongong in aide of Multiple Sclerosis. The annual Sydney to Gong ride has been going for 20 or so years and I hae seen many cyclists and their bikes on the train heading to Sydney after the ride ends.

    Surely, they can not enforce this rule … what if I am an everyday commuter and this is part of my daily journey?

    Perhaps an additional ‘freight’ carriage could be added that would allow cyclists to get on that carriage only??

  4. Adrian Fitch Says:

    Southeastern appears to have reviewed its decision and will now also allow dismantled bikes in a compact bag according to

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