Online route planning for cyclists

June 8, 2007

Image by © Ray Laskowitz/Brand X/ has two very useful journey planners which are handy for looking up trips in and around London using either the direct route or via the London Cycle Network and minor roads.

However, I need to get to Reading tomorrow morning and figured I would ride there if I could find a decent route.

I could catch a train but as it is only three weeks until the British Cyclosportive, I need as much time in the saddle as I can get.

Searching online for journey planners throws up useful options from the RAC, the AA and Green Flag, all of which allow you to avoid motorways, but the most useful is ViaMichelin which has a cycling option.

The 68km route it suggested from my home to Reading station looks fairly direct and most importantly, not only avoids motorways but all major A roads too.

I’ve now plotted the route into Tracklogs so I can load it to my GPS and with tomorrow’s forecast of good weather, it should be a pleasant two and a half to three hours of riding.


One Response to “Online route planning for cyclists”

  1. Karl McCracken Says:

    I just got a TomTom navigator thing for my Treo. It has a feature where you can tell it to look for cyclist routes. I’m not sure if it does anything other than exclude motorways from the plan though . . .

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