Dangerous Powerade bike ad

August 2, 2007

Carlton Reid reports on Bike Biz that this Powerade ad has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority as it “could be seen to condone hazardous cycling.”

The ASA felt viewers would get the impression that lights or reflective clothing would not be required in conditions of poor visibility.

I got the complete opposite impression when I saw the ad.

My first thought was what an amateur, why hasn’t he got any lights?

All the vehicles around him have theirs on and at one point he is virtually indistinguishable from the dark background.


One Response to “Dangerous Powerade bike ad”

  1. Does that guy say he’s going on a 6k training ride? And he needs to drink Powerade to get through it? Man, that guy’s got a lo-ong way to go before he makes it to a triathlon.

    As for his gear, is he riding in a tracksuit and running shoes?

    Add on the lack of lights and I agree–no one in their right mind is going to follow this dope’s example.

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