New free London cycle maps

August 24, 2007

London Cycle GuidesTransport for London launched the third edition of its free bike maps this week.

The 14 maps cover all 33 London boroughs and show the 500km of signposted London Cycle Network Plus routes along with 3,500km of other quiet routes, both on and off road, that have all been ridden and recommended by experienced cyclists.

The maps can be requested online or by calling TfL on 020 7222 1234.

I found the previous edition very handy when exploring a new area but hopefully these will be as hard-wearing as claimed in the TfL press release.

The previous edition was printed on magazine grade paper which meant the maps got very shabby very quickly.


6 Responses to “New free London cycle maps”

  1. They look good–and it’s an unexpected bonus that they are actually useful!

  2. Looks like a good set of maps – loads of overlap on each individual sheet’s coverage.

  3. Rach Says:

    Hello – just found this via Flickr, must get some! Thanks Adrian.

  4. Christine Says:

    Wow – those are incredible!

  5. sacha Says:

    I’ve got the set. HIGHLY RECOMMENED. Very useful and yes a bit more durable than the previous paper it was printed on. The new maps also tend to include the fringe of Central London, which is helpful if your trying to cycle in from the outskirts and only have to use one map instead of patching together two.

  6. Fluffy_mike Says:

    Don’t forget to give credit to the London Cycling Campaign, who provided all the original expertise to get these maps produced, and lobbied TfL for years to have them handed out for free (ok, I admit I work for LCC)

    Check us out at We’re a charity funded by our members so rely on London cyclists like you

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