My virtual world tour London to Prague

October 5, 2007

Tyn Church and the Old Town Square, Prague

I started my virtual would tour in London at the beginning of September and by the end of the month I had made it to Prague in the Czech Republic.

September 2007

During the month I made 40 trips by bike and covered 1,030 kilometres (640 miles) in 45 hours.

My longest single ride was the Southern Sportive at 156 km (97 miles) and my fastest was an early morning 37 km (23 mile) commute in to work via Richmond Park when I averaged 26.7 km/h (16.6 mph).

The weather has begun to turn and the days are getting shorter so I’m only expecting to do around 600 kilometres (373 miles) in October.


2 Responses to “My virtual world tour London to Prague”

  1. I know what you mean about the weather turning & the days getting shorter – I’m sitting here at 6:45 waiting for it to be light enough to head on out the door for this morning’s ride. Maybe I’d better find my lights?

    Congratulations on your visit to Prague. Where are you taking us with your 600km next month? Hamburg? Stuttgart? Lyon? Geneva?

  2. Adrian Fitch Says:

    Thanks Karl. Not sure of my next destination as I may head up north to China through Russia, Siberia and Mongolia or south to India via Turkey, Iran and Pakistan.

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