London to Brighton

October 28, 2007

Yesterday was the last day of British Summer Time and I got up early for a 100km ride to Brighton.

The weather forecast looked good in the morning with no rain and only light cloud cover.

The wind was due to pick up and the day would become more overcast towards the afternoon.

Sun trying to break through near Chipstead

I left home just before sunrise and within 30 minutes I was in the country and things were starting to brighten up.

By 8.30am I was at Fanny’s Farm Shop and stopped for a quick coffee.

I’d forgotten how much I love the smells of winter, specially the wood burning stoves being fired up first thing.

Foot and Mouth Control

I’d also forgotten that we’re still under threat from foot and mouth disease until I went past this control point just after Gatton Hall School.

View from Scaynes Hill

It was idyllic riding conditions once the morning haze lifted.

I planned to have lunch at the Jolly Sportsman in East Chiltington but arrived far too early to eat so pushed on over Ditchling Beacon and into Brighton.

Ditchling Beacon

Ditchling is the sixth highest Marilyn in South East England at a massive 248 metres and was a real struggle.

The day got very dreary in the 40 minutes it took me to get from Ditchling Beacon to the Brighton seafront so I had a nice steak at Terraces looking out over the water and caught a train home.


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