Cycle commuting tips

December 5, 2007

For most of us a 60km commute is a little too long, specially if you’re experiencing a northern hemisphere winter right now.

John Stevenson has posted a good set of tips on that are worth reading regardless of how long your daily slog to the salt mine is.

  • Choose your route carefully. Back streets are usually quiet but slow while main roads are fast but busy.
  • Get organised with clothes. Take in a load of clothes once a week via public transport or use a local laundry.
  • Fast is safe. Stay in the traffic stream and move with it.
  • Trust nobody, but be trustworthy. Behave like traffic while watching for others’ mistakes.
  • Avoid the door zone. Swerving can be fatal.
  • Relax and enjoy. Don’t get wound up by the ignorant white van drivers and you’ll have a much more enjoyable ride.
  • Try not to be too smug. You’re getting fitter, losing weight and saving money — don’t turn into a self righteous git.

2 Responses to “Cycle commuting tips”

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  2. Karl McCracken Says:

    Guilty of the final one! Thanks for posting this . . . and now that it’s been recognised, I’ll work hard on being less of a smug “I can eat loads and still look like this, and aren’t I just the coolest person here” kind of git 😉

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