My virtual world tour Thessaloniki to Ankara

February 6, 2008


I cycled 840km (522 miles) in January, the same distance that separates Thessaloniki in Greece and Ankara in Turkey.

Three quarters of my total distance was through commuting and one thing I’m quite proud of is I haven’t yet used public transport to get to work this year.

The rest of my miles came from a couple of Saturday morning rides out into the North Downs with a small group from Dulwich Paragon plus one Sunday visit to Richmond Park.

All quite slow and steady riding, just trying to put a good base in before I start the harder work in mid-February.

By then there should be enough light before work to get in a couple of Richmond Park circuits each week.

It still seems quite a long way off, but by late April I need to be ready for the 150km (95 mile) White Horse Challenge.

I’m hoping to raise a little money for WaterAid by completing the ride so if you’re in a generous mood, please visit my sponsorship page and do what you can to help provide safe, clean drinking water to those less fortunate than us.


One Response to “My virtual world tour Thessaloniki to Ankara”

  1. kimbofo Says:

    Good luck with the White Horse Challenge — I’ve sponsored you as a way of appeasing my guilt for being so slack on my bike these past few months!

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