Spring training started today

February 21, 2008

Photo by James Cridland used under licenseThis morning was my first hard ride of the year.

My plan is to ride hard during my morning commutes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and then easy for the rest of the week.

Hard mornings usually involve 30 minutes of warm up and going hard where possible on the way to Richmond Park, 20 minutes hard around the park and then 30 minutes of going hard where possible and warming down on the way in to Soho.

London’s drivers of course do not appreciate being overtaken by a cyclist trying to keep his heart rate over 90% so my main opportunities to put the pressure on outside the park are when accelerating away from lights and on the few hills along the route.

The rest of my training plan involves a decent length, moderately paced, hilly ride on Saturday mornings and then complete rest on Sundays.


3 Responses to “Spring training started today”

  1. First day of spring? You’re four weeks too early! Up here the sea is still frozen, we’re repelling the bears coming across the sea ice, and it was so damned windy today that I swear I was blown backwards down the road a couple of times.

  2. Adrian Fitch Says:

    I’ve only got ten weeks before my first event of the year (White Horse Challenge) so I need to get some power and speed building work in.

    The daffodils are already out in London as we’ve had such a mild winter (it was 13º on my way in this morning) plus sunrise has finally hit 7am so there is now enough time to get a decent ride in before work.

    If only the wind would get the message and die down for a while. I’ve lost count of the days when I’ve had both morning and afternoon headwinds.

  3. […] Adrian Fitch's spring trainingThe Fitchster uses one of my photographs, and concerningly writes about 'going hard', but it turns out it's about cycling. […]

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