London Freewheel Sep 21

March 5, 2008

Photo by coconinoco used under license

If sharing the road with thousands of other cyclists sounds like fun then you can register for this year’s London Freewheel here.

Many of the capital’s roads will be traffic-free and open only to cyclists.

The 2007 event saw more than 38,000 bikes descending on the city’s streets for the day.

Cyclists enjoyed an afternoon of entertainment, picnics, stalls and cycling.

Dubbed as an ‘extraordinary day’, the event stopped traffic along 14km of the capital’s roads, turning the city centre into a bike friendly mecca for Sunday cyclists.

It all sounded like a little too much fun for me so I gave it a miss.

We’ll see what happens this year.


3 Responses to “London Freewheel Sep 21”

  1. I went last year. It was really rather good, in spite of some traffic problems (a traffic jam of bikes is a moderately good humoured affair)

    Recommended for this year. Register now… (grin)

  2. cyclepod Says:

    I was on that.. it was great!

  3. Alison Prescott Says:

    I went last year and it was a really good day, such a nice feeling to be cycling amongst fellow cyclists to promote something we all love to do! I definately recommend signing up…..hope to see you there!

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