My virtual world tour by bike Sirjan to Karachi

June 2, 2008

I cycled 1,127 km (700 miles) last month, roughly the distance from Sirjan in Iran and Karachi in Pakistan.

Karachi sunset by Syed Abulhasan Rizvi used under license

To recap how I got here:

  • May 2008 1,127 km Sirjan to Karachi
  • Apr 2008 1,267 km Tabriz to Sirjan
  • Mar 2008 1,070 km Beirut to Tabriz
  • Feb 2008 700 km Ankara to Beirut
  • Jan 2008 840 km Thessaloniki to Ankara
  • Dec 2007 273 km Tirana to Thessaloniki
  • Nov 2007 603 km Rome to Tirana
  • Oct 2007 918 km Prague to Rome
  • Sep 2007 1,030 km London to Prague

This month’s total distance was my second highest so far this year and brought my year to date to 5,000 km or half my 2008 target.

May 2008:

  • 339 km were covered commuting
  • 297 km solo training during the week
  • 296 km on weekend rides with Dulwich Paragon
  • 146 km in the Gran Gondo Cymru in North Wales
  • 53 km cycling with Mandy in Richmond Park

The Gran Fondo Cymru was my toughest event so far and I could only manage bronze on the medium route. Next year will be at least silver on the medium route or completing the long route.

This month I’m building towards the Circuit of the Cotswolds sportive. It is a 165 km (102 mile) ride and involves climbing a combined 2,500 metres (8,200 ft). I’m keen to revisit some of the areas we cycle toured through in 2006, hopefully at a rather more energetic pace this time.

I’m also preparing for a weekend touring ride with Mandy. We’re hoping for a fine weekend to do a little bit of exploring along the East Sussex and Kent coast. National cycle routes hug the beaches, cliffs, and harbours from Brighton to Sandwich so it should make for quite relaxed and scenic cycling (if the weather is good).


3 Responses to “My virtual world tour by bike Sirjan to Karachi”

  1. Impressive!

    Are you doing the Dunwich Dynamo this year?

  2. Adrian Fitch Says:

    I’m planning to. You tempted?

  3. Oh yeah! It’s two weeks after my half ironman this year, so I won’t be taking it like too much of a loon. My friend Seth from Hackney is also doing it, and I can’t make up my mind to ride with him on my Sturdy Commuting Bike, take it easy, watch the stars, etc, or to treat it as a roadie outing & just meet him at the end.

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