Dunwich Dynamo 2008

June 27, 2008

Only three weeks to go until this year’s edition of the iconic 120 mile night ride from London Fields in Hackney to the lost city of Dunwich on the Suffolk coast.

Photo by Dave Atkinson used under license

Southwark Cyclists have a page with a ton of detail and a facility to buy coach tickets for the return trip.

I expect the routine will be something like:

  • 8pm Arrive at London Fields in Hackney
  • 9pm Set off around sunset
  • 1am Arrive at the feed stop in Great Waldingfield Lavenham
  • 2am Set off for the last 60 mile run to the sea
  • 5am arrive at Dunwich around sunrise

The first train back to London leaves from Dunmow Darsham at 8.45am and arrives at Liverpool Street around 11am (after a change at Ipswich).

Dunmow Darsham is around four miles from Dunwich but you could ride the extra 30 miles to Ipswich and get an earlier train if you’re keen.

In fact, you could just ride all the way back to London if you’re super keen but 240 miles is probably a little too much fun in one day for me.

Remember to book a bike space if you’re pre-booking your train ticket as there are bound to be quite a few of us wanting to catch the train and those with reservations will get priority if the train people get twitchy.

Thanks to Edward for digging up this coverage of last year’s event:

A record 700 riders started in 2006 but only 450 in 2007 due to the horrendous weather.

No doubt a good forecast this year will see more riders out than ever before.


9 Responses to “Dunwich Dynamo 2008”

  1. I’ll be there! And Tall Friend. And Doktor Seth. Oh, and YOU too!

    The only problem is to decide which bike to ride – Christine, my possessed road bike, or Wilf, my Sturdy Commuting Bike.

    I’m leaning toward doing it as a roadie & minimising the time in the saddle.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Adrian Fitch Says:

    I’m going on my road bike. 120 miles on my commuter will be just too slow and dull for me. I’m not going to go too fast, around 17 mph, so I can ride sunset to sunrise. There’s not a lot to see in the dark so there’s no point dawdling and the cafe only opens around 5am for us so no point going too fast either.

  3. Andy Strang Says:

    Have got a wedding that weekend which is a pisser. Are there any other rides like this?

  4. Did you mean Darsham instead of Dunmow?

  5. Adrian Fitch Says:

    You’re right. The first train leaves Darsham at 8.45am. Will edit the post now. Thanks for pointing out the error.

  6. jim coughlan Says:

    NOTE: the feed station isn’t at Gt Waldingfield this year it’s in Lavenham.

  7. Mike Says:

    I shall be there on my road bike again – here’s hoping for clear skies and a brisk south westerly.

    See you all on Sat night!

  8. Adrian Fitch Says:

    Hi Andy. The only other ride like this around London that I know of is Rapha’s overnight ride to Brighton plus there is of course June’s Exmouth Exodus from Bristol to Exmouth. Other than those two, I’m at a loss.

    Thanks Jim. I’ll update the post (and my GPS).

    Hope you have a good ride Mike and I’m hoping you’ve got your camera with you again.

  9. Chris Says:

    Ha ha! I can see me in the background @0:40 looking SPECTACULARY fat, drinking a beer in my maglia rosa. I am slightly less fat (about 2 stone lighter, though still 16 1/2 stone) this year, so should be a bit easier!!

    Hope it rains a wee bit less as well.

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