Beards for winter

November 30, 2008

Julian Dean, Dave Zabriskie, Boulder training camp, originally uploaded by Slipstream Sports/Chipotle.

Julian Dean and Dave Zabriskie opting for some home grown facial insulation while at Team Slipstream/Chipotle’s Boulder training camp, their first of the forthcoming season. Turns out that it is not all long steady rides and getting to know each other. From ESPN:

Team director, 34-year-old Jonathan Vaughters has hired a Boulder-based corporate consulting firm, 5.12 Solutions, led by energetic former U.S. Army Ranger and Ironman triathlete Sal Silvester. Silvester splits the team into groups and asks them to describe the image they want to project. Vaughters balances an oversized pad on his lap as he scrawls suggestions from riders and staff:

 Successful … Stylish … Clean … Aggressive … Professional … Rich … Innovative … Transparent … Strong … Tough … Well-spoken …

Classics and track specialist Mike Friedman, nicknamed “Meatball,” speaks for the next group:

Winners … Friends … Genuine

Team physiologist Allen Lim says vehemently, “We are bad-ass mother f—–s who piss and s— excellence,” then reads a few more descriptors:

Pioneers … Revolutionary … Ethical

Finally, Silvester calls on Zabriskie, a reliable source of dark humor, who says, “Not Discovery.”


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