Cycling Sydney to San Francisco

January 4, 2009

I cycled 11,937 km (7,417 miles) in 2008, roughly the distance from Sydney to San Francisco.

Around half of my riding was through regular commuting and the rest was either training for or participating in sportives. Almost none was purely recreational cycling.

This year I’m expecting to do around the same distance and I’m planning to participate in at least nine organised events with the first in early February (Hell of Ashdown) and the last in early November (Exmoor Beast). The event I’m looking forward to most is the Tour of Flanders in April — amateur event on the Saturday and then watching the pros on the Sunday.

Good luck to you and to realising your goals this year.


2 Responses to “Cycling Sydney to San Francisco”

  1. Very impressive mileage–congratulations.

    And a pretty impressive chart to show it off as well. Interesting to note that speed remained on the trend line even when mileage dropped in December.

  2. Groover Says:

    Love your graph. That’s pretty impressive.

    Tour of Flanders – you’ve got me day dreaming. That must be so cool to be able to just drop over and watch the Pro’s racing…

    I’m looking forward to reading about it here in April.

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