Cycling on ITV

May 8, 2009

RoadCyclingUK carried an announcement in mid-April that ITV will show highlights of a new Tour Series taking placing between 21 May and 25 June. Great news. I’d love to watch pro level domestic cycling on TV. Off I went to the ITV website to get more details. Wouldn’t you? After all, it has an entire section devoted to cycling. What I found there surprised me.

It has been difficult to not feel like you’re living in Lance Armstrong’s pocket lately if you follow his Twitter feed and read the cycling press. Every aspect of his comeback is being shared and we all know that if he crashes with that metal plate still screwed into his collar bone then he risks doing more damage and certainly writing off his chances of riding either the Giro or the Tour. The banner story on the ITV Cycling section is “Lance escapes injury in Leipheimer stage crash”. Not again. Didn’t that also happen during the Tour of California in February? Turns out it did. ITV’s cycling section has not been updated in months. Oops. I can see why the RoadCyclingUK piece included a link to the Tour of Britain site and not ITV.


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