Tour of Flanders Route Card

March 25, 2011

Here’s the route card I’ve prepared for this year’s sportive. I figure I’ll laminate it and keep it in my pocket for easy reference during the ride. I’ve included the four feed stops and made a note for which one will have the bag waiting for me that I will have dropped off at the start. I’ll probably be ready to shed my knee and arm warmers by then (if the weather is good) and pick up a second batch of bars, gels and drink mix.

You’ll also notice that I’ve included the eight longer sections of pavé that are on the route:

  • Heuisepontweg (1,800m)
  • Doorn (2,000m)
  • Paddestraat (2,200m)
  • Lippenhovestraat (1,300m)
  • Mariaborrestraat (2,000m)
  • Holleweg (1,500m)
  • Kerkgate (1,500m)
  • Haaghoek (2,000)

I figure it will be handy to have a little warning for these too, not just the 17 climbs.


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