Lactate Threshold Test

September 23, 2011

I’m about to start my next block of training so it’s time to do a new Lactate Threshold test. The last one I did was in December 2009 and I’m sure I’ve raised my LT since then.

How to do a Lactate Threshold test on a home trainer:

  • 15min warm-up
  • 10min hard
  • 20min harder
  • 10min warm-down
  • Average heart rate over the 20min section is a good estimate of LT

Here you can see that I warmed up steadily until I got to my old LT of 162bpm at 12 minutes and then slowly increased the intensity to a point where I felt it was the maximum I could sustain for the duration of the test (25:00-45:00). The last five minutes were tough but in the end I averaged 177bpm, 15 beats higher than my old level.

Joe Friel’s heart rate zones based on a LT of 177bpm:

  • Z1. 116-145 Recovery (60%-75%)
  • Z2. 146-158 Aerobic (76%-82%)
  • Z3. 159-165 Tempo (82%-85%)
  • Z4. 166-176 Subthreshold (86%-91%)
  • Z5a. 177-180 Superthreshold (92%-93%)
  • Z5b. 181-186 Aerobic Capacity (94%-96%)
  • Z5c. 187-193 Anaerobic Capacity (97%-100%)

My Garmin can only manage five heart rate zones so Z5 will be 177-193 (92%-100%).


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