No Muur for Tour of Flanders

September 23, 2011

The 2012 Tour of Flanders will finish in Oudenaarde instead of Meerbeke near Ninove so the organisers have significantly redesigned the route. Not only is the iconic Muur van Geraardsbergen out but so is the Bosberg and instead, the riders will do three circuits of the Oude Kwaremont and Paterberg with a little variety after each one. This should be fairly straightforward to organise for the pro race but I’m curious to see how the sportive plans to handle the circuits. It is likely to get quite crowded on the Oude Kwaremont and Paterberg as both are quite narrow.

Paterberg by elchiquito used under license.

Here are the hills and cobbles from the official 2012 Elite Men Route Map:

Ronde van Vlaanderen ‘Hellingen’ 2012

  1. Nokereberg 88km
  2. Taaienberg 111km
  3. Eikenberg 117km
  4. Molenberg 133km
  5. Rekelberg 148km
  6. Berendries 153km
  7. Valkenberg 158km
  8. Oude Kwaremont 180km
  9. Paterberg 184km
  10. Koppenberg 191km
  11. Steenbeekdries 194km
  12. Kruisberg/Hotond 205km
  13. Oude Kwaremont 217km
  14. Paterberg 220km
  15. Hoogberg/Hotond 227km
  16. Oude Kwaremont 237km
  17. Paterberg 240km

Ronde van Vlaanderen ‘Kasseien’ (cobbles) 2012

  1. Huisepontweg 93km
  2. Doorn 96km
  3. Holleweg 119km
  4. Ruiterstraat 121km
  5. Kerkgate 124km
  6. Jagerij 127km
  7. Paddestraat 137km
  8. Mariaborrestraat 193km
  9. Donderij 196km

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