When to replace Mavic Open Pro rims

December 14, 2011

This is why you replace Mavic Open Pro rims when their walls are worn to less than 1 mm.

If you’re lucky, it will simply be an inconvenient end to a ride. If you’re not, the consequences could be catastrophic. Losing a wheel in corner will either put you onto the ground or into a wall. At low speed it will only hurt, at high speed…

Walls on new Open Pro CD rims are 1.5 mm thick according to my fairly crude calipers. The way I ride, I find they need replacing after around 20,000 km. That’s a new set of rims every eighteen months or so. The Shimano 105 hubs they’re built on are still in great condition so my local bike shop will re-build them with new spokes. The last pair he made saw me through two Roubaix and two Flanders sportives plus hundreds of hours in lanes of Kent without needing to be trued once.

I love the idea of fast, light (and expensive) wheels but Open Pro CDs seem to suit the sportive rider perfectly. My dream wheels would probably be Mavic Cosmic Carbone SLs but I doubt I’d get anything close to the 100,000 km out of them that I’d need to justify the cost, whatever the speed increase.

Ambrosio Excellence rims seem to be a good alternative to Open Pros and retail at around the same price so it might be worth getting a pair made up to see how they ride.


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