Tour of Flanders Sportive 2012 Route

January 4, 2012

This year’s Tour of Flanders sportive will follow quite a different route to pro peloton and tackle three fewer hills. As expected, the route is a little shorter at 244km as it doesn’t include the three finishing circuits. The organisers quite sensibly realised that the Oude Kwaremont and Paterberg will be crowded enough without sending many of the 20,000 entrants on a second or third loop. The pros will do 13 different hills while we’ll do fourteen, however, we’ll miss the Nokereberg, Rekelberg and Hoogberg and instead do the Kappelleberg, Foreest, Berg Ten Houte and Knokteberg.

Here are the hills included in the 2012 Sportive:

  1. Molenberg 118km
  2. Berendries 138km
  3. Valkenberg 143km
  4. Koppenberg 177km
  5. Steenbeekdries 179km
  6. Taaienberg 181km
  7. Eikenberg 186km
  8. Kapelleberg 187km
  9. Foreest 195km
  10. Berg Ten Houte 201km
  11. Kruisberg 212km
  12. Knokteberg 220km
  13. Oude Kwaremont 227km
  14. Paterberg 231km

Compare these to the 17 hills on the 256km Pro route and you’ll see that we’ll be doing what appears to be a very different route:

  1. Nokereberg 88km
  2. Taaienberg 111km
  3. Eikenberg 117km
  4. Molenberg 133km
  5. Rekelberg 148km
  6. Berendries 153km
  7. Valkenberg 158km
  8. Oude Kwaremont 180km
  9. Paterberg 184km
  10. Koppenberg 191km
  11. Steenbeekdries 194km
  12. Kruisberg/Hotond 205km
  13. Oude Kwaremont 217km
  14. Paterberg 220km
  15. Hoogberg/Hotond 227km
  16. Oude Kwaremont 237km
  17. Paterberg 240km

One Response to “Tour of Flanders Sportive 2012 Route”

  1. Joris Says:

    Hi Adrian, Happy New Year, I just saw your post and decided to enter this event. What have I done??
    Will go dust off my old Eddy Merckx now,


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