Upper Thames Audax 2017

November 5, 2017

First 200 of my 2017/18 Audax season. Weather was a little unpleasant for most of the day but the sun finally came out for our run back the start at Cholsey.

Broke my chain on one of the first hills. Had a spare link in my tool roll so was back on the road in under ten minutes. It was a KMC X10EL Silver chain that had only done around 3,000 km. I normally get around 5,000 km out of their Silver/Grey chains so this was a surprise.

Had new 25 mm Continental Grand Prix GT tyres running at 90 psi and they were so comfortable. Had no issues with them slipping on the wet roads, other than when standing on the hills. No problems with all the wet leaf litter and the numerous flooded lanes. Even my first generation Stages power meter had no trouble with the water.

Also, first long wet ride in my new dhb Aeron Storm Waterproof Jacket and it was perfect. Kept me dry without overheating. Great piece of kit.

My Garmin 1000 start/stop button didn’t want to work for a while at the end of the ride. I think this may have been caused by it being covered in gritty water when I followed a rider with no mudguards for a bit towards the end of the ride. No idea why they didn’t have guards on. It is November, rain was forecast and it was a ‘mudguards required’ event.

Stats for the day:

  • 209 km with 1,750 m elevation gain
  • 9:14 riding time (22.7 km/h)
  • 204 watts NP

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