Krispy Kreme Frenzy

April 4, 2007

This is why it is so difficult to stay in shape when you work at Virgin Radio.

We get free food whenever somebody wants to promote something. Combine that with birthday cakes, business lunches and work events at night and you can get very fat very quickly if you don’t have any self control.

Krispy Kreme frenzy

I arrived to a wall of Krispy Kreme boxes in the studio this morning and three were quickly snaffled for our floor.

My theory is that you have to eat two so they cancel each other out.


Tips for avoiding affluenza

February 7, 2007

A friend in Sydney told me about this SMH piece on Oliver James’ new book Affluenza.

It is described as a culmination of research, interviews and an eight-country “mind tour”.

The countries – the United States, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, Singapore and China, as well as Britain – are all at various stages of contracting the affluenza virus.

In almost all of James’s case studies there is material wealth, but a terrible sadness at their core.

This sadness, says James, is living in a society where you feel valued for your possessions, status, house and looks.

The accumulation and maintenance of these things keeps you on a treadmill that leeches life of real meaning.

His tips for avoiding affluenza are:

  • Be authentic (not sincere)
  • Vivacious (not hyperactive)
  • Playful (not game playing)

According to Heather Hopkins, Director of Research for Hitwise UK, the highest volume search query on, and last week was “google”.

I know, it’s difficult remembering all these cryptic url’s that people keep inventing. I mean, you can’t then also be expected to type in

Time to move

November 26, 2006

We’re about to move from Brixton to Streatham and not a moment too soon. Our upstairs neighbour and his girlfriend were robbed at gunpoint outside our house tonight!